As many of you know, since leaving the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, I have started my own executive coaching firm — Padraig Coaching & Consulting.

My goal with Padraig Coaching & Consulting is to share some of the incredible experiences I have had in my career, to help make your job easier.

Whether that involves communicating better with stakeholders, donors, investors, government and media, or it means assisting you to make the most gains in the shortest time when starting a new leadership role, or whether it means facilitating and managing important discussions and meetings – helping you and your team or your board focus on the strategically important issues — I’m here to help.

I’ve lived these experiences (sometimes for the good, and sometimes with important lessons learned) that I can now share, to make it easier for you.

So what is this newsletter? This E-mail newsletter will come to you every 2 – 3 weeks, it will be short and to the point, and it will offer some suggestions, some tips, some tools that you can use in your daily management life, and that we use here at Padraig Coaching & Consulting.

We hope you’ll share the newsletter with others by clicking on “Forward to a Friend” in the top left of each email, “like” us and engage with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and let us follow you. Padraig Coaching & Consulting is a social medium built on making management easier, and keeping our networks informed.

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