executive coaching

What exactly is executive coaching – and could it be right for you?

It’s pretty much the standard question in our culture when meeting someone for the first time – “So, what do you do?”

I find my short answer, “I’m a Certified Executive Coach,” draws some curious and interested looks and I tend to fill in the details with something like, “I help people who lead others in organizations to be even better at what they do. I help people lead, guide and inspire their staff, adapting themselves to each person’s needs, developing trust with colleagues, creating a strong vision and motivating others to help achieve it.”

Essentially I help them, their team and their organization become more successful.

Sure, sometimes that doesn’t clear up the confused look but it often leads to a LOT more interesting questions.

Through the course of many of these conversations over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of folks, once they get a better understanding of WHAT a coach does and a little bit of HOW we do it, their next query is usually along the lines of, “Would you be able to help with X?” and sometimes my answer is “absolutely” but sometimes it’s “hmmm, coaching might not be the right solution in that situation,” and I offer them some other ideas they might pursue.

You might be surprised to hear me, a coach, and owner of a coaching company, tell an interested potential client that executive coaching might not be right for them. But, you see, we not only love working with leaders and earning a living from that – we love working with leaders when we can truly help them boost their success.

We get rave reviews from our clients and if I were to be completely honest – I freakin’ love that. I love knowing we help good leaders become GREAT leaders and we help strong teams become EXTRAORDINARY teams.

I love hearing astonishment and delight from clients when they realize how much better things have become for them and their organization, with our help.

I love that 94% of our clients over the four years we have been in business, have either renewed with us and/or referred their friends and colleagues to us.

If we were to push coaching, when coaching might not be the right fit, that wouldn’t be the case.

So maybe you’re wondering, is executive coaching a fit for you or a colleague right now?

Or, “How much does it cost, and will I get my money’s worth?” Sure, you can always click on “Contact Us” up above, or click on my email address at the bottom of this page and you will reach me directly and you can ask those questions.

But I know for myself, I feel like if I send an email, I’m going to be “sold to” and I don’t want that.

So, we’ve come up with a way that you can test the idea of having a coach, without feeling the pressure of calling me – you can do it in your own time with no obligation of any calls.  What am I talking about?

Our new online fun and engaging quiz – Is Coaching Right for Me? You can take the quiz online, in about 3 minutes and you will receive a customized recommendation – not just a “yes, you should get a coach” email but in fact, an honest, heartfelt response of whether it is or isn’t a good option for you right now.

If executive coaching is a good fit, our email will tell you what you might do about it.

If it isn’t we’ll also tell you what you might do about it – what else might be worth trying without us.

Give it a try – CLICK HERE to take the quiz.

Coach’s Questions

What might get much better if you had an executive coach? Where are you holding back in your career and your team, that might be overcome with a coach? How will you know what you might be missing out on, if you don’t check?