Patrick O'Reilly - photo by Dan Harper Photography

Patrick O’Reilly

Padraig Founder, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
Patrick O’Reilly is committed to helping successful leaders take themselves and their organizations to new heights of success. I coach because I want to help leaders who have been successful in their careers to identify the the strengths that will continue to serve them well, and to nurture the under-developed skills they will need to excel further. Read More...

Cathy McConnell

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
Cathy’s belief is that everyone who has the desire and the commitment to make positive change has the ability to reach their highest potential. Cathy’s approach to coaching is based on partnership, encouragement, challenge and change. Through powerful questioning, Cathy seeks to understand the individual’s needs, and helps them to reach further and achieve more. Read More...

Eve Gaudet

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and ACC
Eve is an executive coach with a passion for supporting others. She is known for her caring and direct style in working with her clients. Her approach is accessible because she uses curiosity and deep questioning to help clients gain new perspectives and discover what may be holding them back, or untapped strengths to move forward. Her belief is that when we live as our authentic self, we can focus on meaningful relationships to work effectively with others. Read More...

Nathalie Marceau

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
“I enjoy seeing the spark in people’s eyes when they make sense of what is going on, when they get in touch with their essence or when they find solutions that will bring them there. That’s why I became a Coach….to help people achieve their dreams, by helping them clarifying the path for them, their team and their company.”

Nathalie works with teams and leaders at all levels in organizations, from executives who face Read More...

Renae Leitch

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
Renae’s mission is to live everyday with intention and integrity and to make a positive difference in the lives of people that she interacts with both professionally and personally. She values a partnership approach to exploring new possibilities and learning. Her ability to relate easily to a wide variety of people is fueled in great part by her basic respect for all individuals. Read More...

Janet Wright

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
For over 25 years, Janet has worked with individuals and organizations to build skills for growth and success, improving effectiveness in leadership, communication, performance management and team development. Her clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries; with her direct, logical communication style, Janet connects well with leaders who are adept at the technical aspects of their jobs but would like a bit of help with their people responsibilities. Read More...
Kathleen Cameron

Kathleen Cameron

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and ACC
Kathleen’s easy-going nature allows her to collaborate with clients in a positive, energetic and dynamic way. She believes a solid partnership is vital to the success of any coaching relationship and creates a safe space for her clients to explore new possibilities and address what’s holding them back. She helps clients close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

David Graham

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
PLEASE NOTE: Dave's schedule is currently full. He is unable to accept new coaching clients at the moment. If you would like to work with Dave in future please email us at

Dave works with leaders to build great teams through one-on-one coaching, team coaching, and custom workshops, retreats & events. With experience spread across a variety of industries, Dave has been performing on stages and leading teams for 25+ years, which has allowed him to become a TRUSTED, FUN and INSIGHTFUL coach to some of Canada’s top businesses and leaders. Read More...

Stephanie Jagger

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and ACC
PLEASE NOTE: Stephanie's schedule is currently full. She is unable to accept new coaching clients at the moment.

Stephanie Jagger is committed to helping people live and work with purpose. “As a coach, my mission is to help people discover, declare and deliver on their unique purpose. This type of coaching reveals natural strengths, backs those up with intention and allows my clients to ‘raise their restraining devices’ and move swiftly towards results.” Read More...

Lori Atkinson

Padraig Associate, Certified Executive Coach and PCC
Please note: For the foreseeable future Lori's work will focus on workshop development and delivery and so Lori will not be able to accept new one-to-one coaching clients.

Known for her humour, Lori speaks directly to what makes us human. Her clients become more physically present, emotionally balanced, mentally clear, and spiritually connected. As a coach, Lori listens intensely, provides candid and compassionate feedback, and is insightful and intuitive while helping clients find solutions that resonate with them. Lori’s work as a coach is grounded in a deep knowing that people are resilient and capable. Read More...