Coaching leadership style

The coach approach to leadership

We often hear people talk about leadership styles, or perhaps read articles about which is the most effective approach for leaders. Maybe you’ve seen the results of Daniel Goleman’s study about leadership behaviours for the 2000 Harvard Business Review. In Leadership That Gets Results, Goleman and his team identified six leadership styles after they studied […]

Flexing your coaching muscle

Flexing your coaching muscle

Why your best advice isn’t working Can we start by acknowledging something right away? You and I are well-trained, highly experienced advice-giving machines. Am I right? You’re an encyclopedia of technical solutions, a fountain of solutions to assist others.  I’ll bet over your career you’ve been trained, encouraged and even rewarded for providing advice. You […]

What if Your Team Members Were Volunteers?

In our last Coach’s Questions blog we talked about “Changing Other People” and that changing how we react to other people sometimes changes how they interact with us. It’s the classic, if not ironic, reality that to change others we must change ourselves. This time I’m proposing we take it a bit further — changing how we […]

changing other people

Changing Other People

Occasionally clients will tell me that some of the people in their lives frustrate them from time to time. They don’t like the way one of their staff does “this” or the way their boss handles “that” or the way a colleague “let’s this happen.” Often these clients will ask me “how do I get […]