emotional intelligence in leadership

Boost Your Leadership Emotional Intelligence

While professional and technical competence are essential for workplace success, emotional intelligence is frequently cited as a better predictor of success. A study by TalentSmart tested emotional intelligence, along with 33 other workplace skills, and found emotional intelligence to be the strongest predictor of performance. The results of the study demonstrate that 58% of success […]


Is focus the secret to great leadership?

We have a big job, us leaders. We shape organizational culture, we keep business goals in laser-sharp focus, we develop people, and we achieve goal after goal keeping as many people happy as possible. And, we love it, don’t we? One of the main reasons that I love learning, teaching, and writing about leadership is […]

mindful leadership

4 practical tips to mindful leadership

Mindfulness seems a little intangible – immeasurable even. It isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind in leadership circles and it is often an afterthought in workshops and continuing education events. But, that’s changing. Leadership and mindfulness actually go hand-in-hand and more and more organizations are embracing the benefits of incorporating mindfulness […]