Patrick O’Reilly

President, Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc.

Patrick O’Reilly is committed to helping successful leaders take themselves and their organizations to new heights of success.  As President of Padraig he guides our strategic vision and leads implementation in service of our clients. Patrick builds relationships with organizational leaders to ensure Padraig is anticipating their needs and staying ahead of the leadership learning curve.

“My career as an executive, my travels and my work coaching clients on three continents have taught me this – the days are gone when an executive who excels in one or two approaches to leadership will continue to get ahead. Gone are the days when a drive to achieve your own career goals led to a successful career.  Leaders today must be engaging and thoughtful, humble and yet decisive and driven, visionary and still adaptive to the individuals around them.

My role is to assemble and support our team of renowned certified coaches who work together with you to create a successful, connected and inspired leader, team and organization.

A colleague describes me as fierce energy in a container of calm.   Clients have described me as a passionate, thoughtful listener with insightful questions to prompt their thinking, and have said the questions I ask of them haunt them for days after our meetings, allowing them to go deeper into their understanding of themselves and bringing them clarity of direction.  I love hearing that.”

A recognized leader in his fields of endeavour through 20 years of progressively more senior roles, Patrick O’Reilly launched Padraig Coaching & Consulting, a management consulting and executive coaching firm, in 2012.

Prior to starting Padraig Coaching & Consulting, Patrick’s career included executive roles in established large organizations within government, starting up new, efficient and agile knowledge-based teams, negotiating and then launching the start-up of a federal Crown corporation and now bringing together that wealth of experience in his own firm for the benefit of his clients.

Patrick has worked across Canada and understands the unique similarities and sometimes strong differences that exist regionally across the country.  As well, he has worked tirelessly developing international partnerships with numerous organizations, creating international working groups, speaking and delivering papers at conferences around the world.  Patrick has provided management consultancy to organizations outside Canada in places as diverse as Ghana and Australia and coaching to clients on three continents.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Carleton University in Ottawa and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching (Certified Executive Coach) from Royal Roads University in Victoria.  He is a certified coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation and is certified to administer the EQi and EQ360 assessments, to administer and debrief 360 feedback under LEADS in a Caring Environment (a Canadian healthcare leadership program) and to administer and facilitate DiSC profile assessments and workshops.

Patrick talks about coaching with Yoko Chapman of Ayoko magazine:


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Patrick’s TEDx Talk – The Golden Rule is Wrong.


Why treating other people, the way you want to be treated, is not helping our workplaces, and how we can change it:


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Cathy McConnell

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

Cathy’s belief is that everyone who has the desire and the commitment to make positive change has the ability to reach their highest potential. Cathy’s approach to coaching is based on partnership, encouragement, challenge and change. Through powerful questioning, Cathy seeks to understand the individual’s needs, and helps them to reach further and achieve more.

Cathy is an accomplished Senior Executive who brings to each client initiative over 20 years of experience in business and organizational development. In her roles as Business Executive, Senior Human Resources Executive, and now as an Executive Coach, Cathy has taken a strengths-based approach to coaching. She continues to help others to identify or validate their strengths and to leverage these to maximize their full potential.

Cathy interviewed about her approach to coaching:


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Eve Gaudet

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

Eve is an executive coach with a passion for supporting others. She is known for her caring and direct style in working with her clients. Her approach is accessible because she uses curiosity and deep questioning to help clients gain new perspectives and discover what may be holding them back, or untapped strengths to move forward. Her belief is that when we live as our authentic self, we can focus on meaningful relationships to work effectively with others.

Eve has worked in senior levels in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Her experience spans small business to global initiatives. She has worked with organizations at the community, provincial, national and even international levels. She has represented Canada at UNESCO and World Health Organization events.

Her volunteer work includes sitting on a number of boards including the YM-YWCA of Greater Victoria. She sat on the board of the Women of Distinction Program and chaired the Young Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Conference. She has mentored numerous colleagues throughout her public service career.

Eve is an accredited career coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. Eve particularly excels when working with women looking to make a change or realize their potential, and with corporate leaders and teams wanting to improve their leadership and communication competencies. In addition to her work with Padraig, Eve currently runs her own practice in Victoria, BC.

Eve graduated with Honours from the University of Victoria with a degree in Child and Youth Care. She has since gone on to complete her master’s certificate in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University.

Eve interviewed about her approach to coaching:


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Nathalie Marceau

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

“I enjoy seeing the spark in people’s eyes when they make sense of what is going on, when they get in touch with their essence or when they find solutions that will bring them there. That’s why I became a Coach….to help people achieve their dreams, by helping them clarifying the path for them, their team and their company.”

Nathalie works with teams and leaders at all levels in organizations, from executives who face strategic, political or communication challenges, to new appointed leaders who are defining and assuming their managerial role to entrepreneurs who need to be creative to bring their company to the next level. Nathalie is also passionate about and fascinated by Team Coaching – helping groups of individuals become powerful and resilient teams really steers a company on a growth path.

To round out her coaching experience, Nathalie has developed a strong Coaching Expertise in Career Coaching. Career Management is one aspect that is often the underlying foundation for people “Helping people achieve their dreams” is Nathalie’s favourite motto.

Nathalie’s has brought coaching success to many different industries including telecommunications, high-tech, publishing, gaming, banking, retail and pharmaceuticals, across Canada.

Prior to joining Padraig, Nathalie held key marketing management positions in the high-tech industry: Marketing Director at Bell Canada, Marketing Director at Fido and Vice President Marketing at

Holding an MBA from HEC Lausanne (Switzerland) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (BC, Canada), Nathalie Marceau is a bilingual Executive Coach leveraging more than 20 years of experience in senior positions in a variety of industries.

In 2009, Nathalie successfully completed the CHRP certification (Certified Human Resources Professional) and in 2010, the Executive Coaching Certificate from Royal Roads University (CEC – Certified Executive Coach). Nathalie is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) at the PCC level and is an active member ICF Quebec Chapter.

Nathalie is an amateur musician, playing flute since her childhood. She also recently started playing cello.

“I can highly recommend Nathalie as a coach, she is challenging, direct and supporting at the same time, which worked very well for me.
Her questions were very good/strong, helped me to look at my challenges from a new angle. She also held me accountable for my decisions, which I liked!”Herdis Pala Palsdottir
Herdis Pala PalsdottirVP- HR & CommunicationReiknistofa bankanna RB, Iceland

“Nathalie came in at a time of a huge re-organization at our company.   Her coaching skills were very helpful in creating new team dynamics, and to coach newly appointed team leaders in their new roles.  She also helped define the employee’s objectives and career plans, and conducted performance reviews. Her attitude towards the challenge was ideal to work in a chaotic environment and make the best of it. The teams responded well to her managerial style.”

Kim BillInternational HR DirectorReader’s Digest


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Renae Leitch

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

Renae’s mission is to live everyday with intention and integrity and to make a positive difference in the lives of people that she interacts with both professionally and personally. She values a partnership approach to exploring new possibilities and learning. Her ability to relate easily to a wide variety of people is fueled in great part by her basic respect for all individuals.

Renae’s focus of practice is coaching senior leaders/managers in large organizations to make a difference both to the individual and the organization as well. Her goal is to help create a coaching culture within the organizations she coaches in. She comes to the world of Executive Coaching with over 27 years of professional experience.

Renae has worked in a variety of roles and areas within the Alberta Government. She started her career as a social worker and then moved into a variety of management positions. She currently is an internal executive coach for Alberta Human Services as well as a mentor in the departments’ leadership program. She coaches managers that are seen as having potential to move into more senior executive roles within the department.

Renae holds a Social Worker Diploma and a Bachelor Degree in Human Service Administration from Grant McEwan University. She completed the Accelerator Coaching for Leaders and Managers program from Essential Impact and completed a Master’s Certificate in Executive Coaching (Certified Executive Coach) from Royal Roads University. Renae also has a Management certificate from the University of Alberta.

Renae interviewed about her approach to coaching:


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Janet Wright

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

For over 25 years, Janet has worked with individuals and organizations to build skills for growth and success, improving effectiveness in leadership, communication, performance management and team development. Her clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries; with her direct, logical communication style, Janet connects well with leaders who are adept at the technical aspects of their jobs but would like a bit of help with their people responsibilities.

The feedback Janet consistently receives is that she is an entertaining, approachable facilitator who enables participants to focus on the practical application of proven techniques. As a coach, Janet creates a positive, supportive space that inspires new ideas and actions and builds confidence.

In addition to her coaching, Janet has led Human Resources in the hospitality industry, owned a small business, mediated conflicts for the Alberta Civil Court and taught psychology and assertiveness training at the community college level.

She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Counselling and graduate certificates in Executive Coaching and Conflict Mediation. Janet is certified and experienced in a range of assessment tools including DISC, MBTI, Workplace Motivators, EQi and SuccessFinder.


Telephone: (204) 818-0600 ext 106


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Kathleen Cameron

Kathleen Cameron uses her background in strategic communications and psychology to support clients in their career and leadership development. Kathleen helps them turn challenges into opportunities for growth and excellence. Through ongoing exploration, planning and accountability, she supports clients to work hard at their goals and expand their view of what’s possible.

Kathleen’s easy-going nature allows her to collaborate with clients in a positive, energetic and dynamic way. She believes a solid partnership is vital to the success of any coaching relationship and creates a safe space for her clients to explore new possibilities and address what’s holding them back. She helps clients close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Kathleen is an accomplished communications consultant who brings more than a decade of corporate experience to her practice. She understands the complexity of working within large, diverse organizations and helps her clients navigate the challenges of working in fast-paced, demanding work environments.

Kathleen holds a masters-level Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and an ACC accreditation with the International Coach Federation. In addition, Kathleen has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Lethbridge and a diploma in Public Relations from Grant MacEwan University.


Telephone: (204) 818-0600 ext 110


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Jim Simms

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

James Simms is passionate about helping individuals and organizations advance through complexity or to solve hard problems. He has a rich history of building ethical, progressive and high performing teams and is committed to leadership development through mentoring, executive coaching and teaching.

Jim is an accomplished senior executive having completed a military career spanning more than 35 years including – the last five as a general officer at the strategic level. James was recognized numerous times for his leadership including as Canada’s task force commander for a United Nation’s peacekeeping mission in Africa and as Chief of Staff of Regional Command, Southern Afghanistan during the dynamic period of 2008-2009. He is committed to helping individuals and organizations be their genuine best.


Telephone: (204) 818-0600 ext 102


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Katharine Cherewyk

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

Meet Katharine once and you’ll feel as if you’ve known her your entire life. Katharine is a compassionate, curious and highly perceptive executive coach. She is known for using her sincerity, honesty and ability to connect to her clients in an authentic way to uncover what is truly keeping a client from moving forward.

Katharine has worked with individuals and teams in the private, public and nonprofit sectors for over 15 years as a multiple business owner, leader, a team member and mentor. Her experience includes helping leaders in the nonprofit and fundraising world assess the strength of their organizations and their teams, build leadership and fundraising capacity and achieve their organizational goals. Katharine also has experience working with and in Indigenous communities in Canada, has worked as a researcher in various scientific institutions, and has spent time living and working overseas.

As a professional photographer, Katharine loved capturing her subjects ‘as they were’ in that sometimes imperfect moment in time and was rewarded for her abilities by having a photo appear twice on the cover of Time Magazine.

Katharine is passionate about helping people to develop and nurture a wholehearted way of life that is grounded in courage, compassion, and connection and does this through her work co-facilitating workshops and retreats using the The Daring Way™ curriculum. She is also the Program & Volunteer Manager for a local non-profit organization.

Katharine has a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and is a member of the International Coach Federation. In addition, she holds a BSc in Agroecology and an MSc in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba.

CONTACT Katharine:

Telephone: (204) 818-0600 ext 115


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Geraldine De Braune

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

Geraldine’s signature style and exuberant energy are a powerful counterpoint to her eclectic professional experience. An insatiable curiosity ignites deep discovery in her work with clients and Geraldine’s belief in limitless possibility elevates her coach approach. Through direct, insightful questioning—and a smattering of serendipity—Geraldine will help you identify and access the best you have to give and be.

Geraldine is drawn to work with entrepreneurial women looking to take greater charge, claim their power, and unleash their full potential in business and in life. With over 15 years of corporate experience, she uses her diverse background in communications, broadcast performance and fundraising to support clients in their career and leadership development. Having worked in the private and non-profit sectors as a business owner herself and in other organizations as both a leader and a team member, Geraldine motivates and inspires individuals and organizations to embrace possibility.

Her current volunteer work includes sitting on a number of boards and committees including the TD Jazz Winnipeg Festival, The Winnipeg Foundation (Development Committee and Fast Pitch Mentor Coach).

In addition to her Associate Coach/Facilitator positions with Padraig, and Steph Jagger: The Great Big Journey, Geraldine continues to consult in the world of sponsorship procurement and fund development through her own practice.

Geraldine holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and an ACC accreditation with the International Coach Federation. In addition, Geraldine has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from the University of Winnipeg, a diploma in Broadcasting from Mount Royal College and a diploma in Carpentry and Woodworking from Red River College.


Telephone Toll Free: (855) 818-0600 ext 114


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