Patrick O'Reilly at a Padraig Coaching and Consulting Workshop - photo by Dan Harper Photography

One to One Coaching

for Leaders and Executives

Almost anyone who is great at their chosen field has a coach to help them. Whether they are an athlete, an actor, or even the CEO of Google, they have someone coaching them.

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Patrick O'Reilly facilitating a Padraig Coaching Leadership Workshop, photo by Dan Harper of Dan Harper Photography

Leadership Development Workshops

Our goal is to help strong teams become exceptional teams.  We help organizations become high-performing with workshops of half a day or one day or our intensive programs.

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Engaging, interactive and fun presentations for conferences, conventions and company gatherings

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Assessments and Guides

At Padraig we offer a range of behavioural and personal assessment — providing extra understanding and guidance for coaching clients and for some of our workshops.

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