Padraig Leadership Programs, Courses and Workshops

Proven Success

Since 2012 we’ve worked hard to figure out what is needed to help good leaders be great leaders — and then we’ve set out to deliver it.

Padraig offers a range of leadership learning programs to help leaders learn key leadership tools like using coaching conversations before problem solving, how to approach difficult performance conversations,  how to handle conflict productively and how to adapt your leadership style to bring the best out of your team. Speaking of team, we also deliver some amazing programs for leadership teams to work on together, becoming stronger in the process.

We also have two phenomenally popular and successful coach-led leadership peer programs.

We offer our programs in two ways — for leaders and staff who work for our organizational clients, and as publicly open courses.

In-House Leadership Development

If you would like to see details about the courses, programs and workshops we run for staff and leaders within our organizational client companies, click here.

Public Courses

If you would like to get the details for courses we offer for public registration, click here.