Leadership Team Training to Amplify success throughout the organization


Introduce a coach approach to your organization. A one day program where leaders learn how to use some of the techniques that professional coaches use, to bring out the best in their staff.  As a result, leaders empower employees to solve problems and to buy-into the solutions, and it builds a “coaching culture” throughout your organization.

This workshop amplifies coaching success throughout your organization.

Patrick O'Reilly facilitating a Padraig Coaching Leadership WorkshopThrough the day, you and your team will learn how to bring a coach approach to your day-to-day work.  As a result you’ll help colleagues and staff to reach greater heights, use a questions based approach in your interactions with your team and begin to encourage staff to use a coach approach with each other.

Building a coaching culture leads to enormous corporate gains – organizations have used this fantastic workshop to introduce the coach approach to decision making, to handling complex relationships and to raise awareness about the kind of questions coaches ask.

The Coach Approach to Leadership can be integrated into any of our leadership development programs to strengthen your leaders and to build rock-solid succession plans.

This one day introductory program starts your organization using coaching language on a day-to-day basis.

Each participant is introduced to the COACH Model (Clarify, Observe, Act, Commit, Honour). Participants experience coaching firsthand by being coached and coaching others.  They’ll learn the Top 10 pitfalls of coaching and how to prevent them. And, each participant receives one of our gorgeous Coach Approach Journals to keep them on track after the workshop has ended.

Are you ready to give your team and your organization an incredible boost?

To discuss how our Coach Approach for Leaders Program will help you and your organization’s leaders grow and excel, give us a call.  Patrick O’Reilly can be reached at:

Telephone Toll Free:  (855) 818-0600 ext 101

E-mail:  coach@padraig.ca
We are accredited members of the International Coach Federation.  If you’re hiring a coach, please make sure they have accreditation with the ICF !