loneliness of leadership

Finding ways to conquer the loneliness of leadership

You work for years to climb the corporate ladder and you finally reach the top. This is it! Years of hard work and effort have paid off and you are an executive in charge of a team, a division, or perhaps an entire organization, company or government department. Sure, you’ve probably heard it before but […]

Everything Goes Wrong

How to cope when everything goes wrong

You sleep through your alarm the day of a big client meeting and then get stuck in traffic. You’re late, there’s absolutely no way to change it, and you can feel the tension as you walk in the room. As awful as all of that is, you’re desperately hoping no one notices your shirt is […]

Is Compromise a bad thing?

Sometimes successful leaders just know they’re right. We know our goals are noble, we know how we want to get there, and we know we can be successful. And sometimes someone with whom we are working seems determined to thwart us. Sam Rayburn, the legendary Speaker of the US House of Representatives famously stood by […]

younger self

Advice for Your Younger Self

Is it ever too late for your own advice? I’ve got an interesting question for you today; but first I need you to do a bit of imagining. Try to remember, for a moment, what you were like when you were first starting your climb up the leadership ladder. Can you picture the younger you? […]