executive coaching

What exactly is executive coaching – and could it be right for you?

It’s pretty much the standard question in our culture when meeting someone for the first time – “So, what do you do?” I find my short answer, “I’m a Certified Executive Coach,” draws some curious and interested looks and I tend to fill in the details with something like, “I help people who lead others […]


How to approach failure intelligently

Let’s all just get on board with failure, shall we? We’ve talked about it before — as leaders, we often feel a pressure to be flawless. To get it right the first time and, if we do have flaws, to cover them as best we can. However, that’s not only a nearly impossible ideal, it’s […]

Flexing your coaching muscle

Flexing your coaching muscle

Why your best advice isn’t working Can we start by acknowledging something right away? You and I are well-trained, highly experienced advice-giving machines. Am I right? You’re an encyclopedia of technical solutions, a fountain of solutions to assist others.  I’ll bet over your career you’ve been trained, encouraged and even rewarded for providing advice. You […]

Employee Engagement – What does that mean?!?

How many times have you heard the phrase, employee engagement? “We want our employees to be engaged.” We’ve all heard a manager or executive say it, we’ve likely heard it from Human Resources, and we’ve maybe even said it ourselves a few times. Employee engagement is not only one of the key management buzzwords these […]