Setting boundaries at work

How to set boundaries at work

One of the topics raised by our clients everywhere we go is work-life balance  – or perhaps more aptly, a lack of it. It’s a perplexing dilemma. You want to prove your worth and reliability and being indispensable is certainly a good thing during economic downturns. Many employers (perhaps unwittingly) reward “face-time” – or timeContinue Reading

Achieving work life balance

Achieving work/ life balance

There are times that balancing the demands of work and personal life feel impossible (even laughable!). When we work with individuals and companies, we often hear from folks that they’re struggling to find a way to try to balance these demands, let alone actually achieve balance! Advances in technology have changed workplace culture. I readContinue Reading

shifting gears from go-getting team member to team leader

Shifting gears from go-getting team member to team leader

When you’re used to managing your own work world, it tends to look very different when all of a sudden you’re responsible for the success of others. Making the shift from a stellar team player to the team leader can be a stark contrast and a tough transition. As executive coaches, the team and IContinue Reading


Is focus the secret to great leadership?

We have a big job, us leaders. We shape organizational culture, we keep business goals in laser-sharp focus, we develop people, and we achieve goal after goal keeping as many people happy as possible. And, we love it, don’t we? One of the main reasons that I love learning, teaching, and writing about leadership isContinue Reading