Diana Quirk - workshop designer with Padraig

Diana Quirk

Workshop and Program Designer

Working easily in corporate, government and academic environments, as an instructional designer and learning consultant Diana’s strength lies in the ability to incorporate design philosophies and methodologies that bring enhanced flexibility and responsiveness to client needs, developing instructional designs that are unique and purposeful.

As an independent consultant, Diana has more than 15 years of experience providing instructional analysis (where are we going?), instructional strategy (how will we get there?) and evaluation (how do we know we got there?) to meet clients’ specific training and performance needs. Her work with Padraig includes documentation analysis, gap and needs analysis, high-level documentation design, story-boarding, webinar development, and other activities related to the development of quality distance learning as well as print-based, self-study and instructor-led training and micro-learning.


Telephone: (204) 818-0600 ext 116

E-mail: diana.quirk@padraig.ca