Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

“I enjoy seeing the spark in people’s eyes when they make sense of what is going on, when they get in touch with their essence or when they find solutions that will bring them there. That’s why I became a Coach….to help people achieve their dreams, by helping them clarifying the path for them, their team and their company.”

Nathalie works with teams and leaders at all levels in organizations, from executives who face strategic, political or communication challenges, to new appointed leaders who are defining and assuming their managerial role to entrepreneurs who need to be creative to bring their company to the next level. Nathalie is also passionate about and fascinated by Team Coaching – helping groups of individuals become powerful and resilient teams really steers a company on a growth path.

To round out her coaching experience, Nathalie has developed a strong Coaching Expertise in Career Coaching. Career Management is one aspect that is often the underlying foundation for people “Helping people achieve their dreams” is Nathalie’s favourite motto.

Nathalie’s has brought coaching success to many different industries including telecommunications, high-tech, publishing, gaming, banking, retail and pharmaceuticals, across Canada.

Prior to joining Padraig, Nathalie held key marketing management positions in the high-tech industry: Marketing Director at Bell Canada, Marketing Director at Fido and Vice President Marketing at Monster.ca.

Holding an MBA from HEC Lausanne (Switzerland) and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University (BC, Canada), Nathalie Marceau is a bilingual Executive Coach leveraging more than 20 years of experience in senior positions in a variety of industries.

In 2009, Nathalie successfully completed the CHRP certification (Certified Human Resources Professional) and in 2010, the Executive Coaching Certificate from Royal Roads University (CEC – Certified Executive Coach). Nathalie is a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) at the PCC level and is an active member ICF Quebec Chapter.

Nathalie is an amateur musician, playing flute since her childhood. She also recently started playing cello.

“I can highly recommend Nathalie as a coach, she is challenging, direct and supporting at the same time, which worked very well for me.
Her questions were very good/strong, helped me to look at my challenges from a new angle. She also held me accountable for my decisions, which I liked!”Herdis Pala Palsdottir

“Nathalie came in at a time of a huge re-organization at our company.   Her coaching skills were very helpful in creating new team dynamics, and to coach newly appointed team leaders in their new roles.  She also helped define the employee’s objectives and career plans, and conducted performance reviews. Her attitude towards the challenge was ideal to work in a chaotic environment and make the best of it. The teams responded well to her managerial style.”

I’ve been working with Nathalie Marceau and she has a lovely way of helping me face reality and look creatively into the future. Her suggestions, probing questions and listening ear are very much appreciated.

Nathalie is a remarkable coach, her sincerity and compassion really help her build a strong coaching relationship. Through our discussions she helped me identify habits that needed changing and how to focus on the positive changes required to be successful in my leadership role. Her coaching support has enabled me to view my career path through a different perspective and a better understand of what true success means to me.

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