Renae Leitch

Certified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

Renae’s mission is to live everyday with intention and integrity and to make a positive difference in the lives of people that she interacts with both professionally and personally. She values a partnership approach to exploring new possibilities and learning. Her ability to relate easily to a wide variety of people is fueled in great part by her basic respect for all individuals.

Renae’s focus of practice is coaching senior leaders/managers in large organizations to make a difference both to the individual and the organization as well. Her goal is to help create a coaching culture within the organizations she coaches in. She comes to the world of Executive Coaching with over 27 years of professional experience.

Renae has worked in a variety of roles and areas within the Alberta Government. She started her career as a social worker and then moved into a variety of management positions. She currently is an internal executive coach for Alberta Human Services as well as a mentor in the departments’ leadership program. She coaches managers that are seen as having potential to move into more senior executive roles within the department.

Renae holds a Social Worker Diploma and a Bachelor Degree in Human Service Administration from Grant McEwan University. She completed the Accelerator Coaching for Leaders and Managers program from Essential Impact and completed a Master’s Certificate in Executive Coaching (Certified Executive Coach) from Royal Roads University. Renae also has a Management certificate from the University of Alberta.

Renae interviewed about her approach to coaching:


Telephone: (204) 818-0600 ext 103


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