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Referral bonuses are calculated quarterly based on billings for clients who indicated to us that you were the person/organization who referred them to us. Referral bonuses are paid only on the service portion of the billings (ie. The actual hourly/daily billing but not on other charged-back expenses, not on taxes, etc). Referral bonuses are only paid to the referee once the client has paid their invoice. Referral bonuses are paid for billings that occur in the first year that a referred client is with us. Referral bonuses can be paid either as 1% in cash or 3% in a service credit for each client successfully referred to Padraig Coaching & Consulting (in other words you could opt for 1% cash back for one referral and 3% credit for another referral, but either way, once selected, the type of bonus for each referral cannot change).

Only one referee can be paid a referral bonus per client and this will be based on who the client indicates was their referee. Self-referrals are not eligible to earn a referral bonus. Any taxes which may become due on referral bonuses are the responsibility of the referee and Padraig Coaching &Consulting cannot be held liable for any debt or taxes which become due by the referee.

Service credits earned by referees must be used within 12 months of being earned. Padraig Coaching & Consulting reserves the right to terminate the Padraig Coaching & Consulting Referral Program, at any time. Outstanding referral credits which have not been applied toward a contract with Padraig Coaching & Consulting have a cash value of only 0.1¢ for each $1 of credit – we strongly encourage you to use them toward a contract with Padraig Coaching & Consulting rather than cashing them in.

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